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John Deere StarFire™ Frequency Change Notification

StarFire™ network, which provides differential corrections to John Deere StarFire™ receivers used in precision agriculture applications, will be changing between November 1, 2014 and July 15, 2015.


What is changing?
The frequencies used by satellites to broadcast differential corrections to StarFire™ receivers are changing. The actual corrections themselves will not change; rather they will just be broadcast at a different frequency.
Customers are asked to please update StarFire™ receivers when notified. They are required in order to continue receiving corrections but receiver performance will not change once those updates are made.


What happens if receivers are not updated?
If a StarFire receiver is not updated prior to the turn off date in the table above, the receiver will no longer be able to navigate using SF1, SF2, or RTK until the update is made. This means that systems relying on input from the StarFire receiver such as AutoTrac, Section Control, and documentation will not function. These changes also apply to receivers being used as RTK base stations.


What changes are required for StarFire receivers?
For more information please contact your local American Implement IS Specialist.




Currently, the American Implement RTK network supports 77 towers with a 12 mile broadcast radius that covers over 22 million acres. Making the move to RTK has never been easier or more feasible.


You will gain peace of mind and a lower investment cost since American Implement is responsible for the maintenance of the base stations. Experience the luxury of traveling the same tracks year after year. RTK is ideal for strip-till applications, planting and more! With the repeatable, sub-inch accuracy of RTK you will save time and money, reduce your overlaps and input costs, increase your yields and maximize your efficiency levels. If your farm is not covered by our RTK Network contact your nearest AMS Specialist and we will work to see that your area is included in our RTK network.


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